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Mixing & Mastering

Online Mastering
Mastering is the process of taking the mixed track to the final stage of realisation. This usually involves Equalisation, Compression and Limiting to make sure the track is well rounded and loud enough to compete with other professional mixes whilst not sounding too squashed or affected by this process. Some issues of unwanted spikes, noise and stereo problems can also be addressed at this stage.

Your mix should be sent without or with very little mix compression and especially no limiting in order to give the engineer the opportunity to correctly maximise your track.

Our mastering service costs $30 per song and takes a maximum of 3 daysto complete from receipt of the files.

It is usual for us to deal with whole album masters in order to govern sonic smoothness between different tracks. For instance, you may have some tracks that were recorded at different times and with different equipment. In this instance it may be neccesary to attempt to homogenise the tracks to lessen the difference in sound that would otherwise be noticeable and undesirable.

An album (up to 74 minutes) costs $180 and takes a maximum of 7 days from receipt of the files.

Mastering per song $30

Mastering Album $180.00

Online Mixing & Mastering
Time spent mixing can mean the difference between a good recording and a great one. With the individual component tracks youv'e already recorded, we can make a huge difference to the final result with careful tonal and dynamic balancing whilst paying close attention to tuning and timing issues.

The benefit of our online mixing service is that we have an accurate monitoring environment specially designed to hear your mixes as true as possible and a professional engineer well versed in the art of mixing.

With access to some of the best mixing tools in the business and the experience to use them, your song will be given the best possible chance to impress with a professional sounding mix that will give your songs the best possible chance of impressing.

Our mixing service for one song costs $90 and takes a maximum of 7 days to complete from receipt of the files. This involves a free evaluation, where we will send you the files so that you can comment on the mix and a Free mastering of the finished mix.

For an album (up to 14 songs) the cost is $490 and takes a maximum of 14 days to complete from the reciept of the files. This is involes an evaluation to check with you on the progress of the mix and a Free mastering of the finished mixes. Please get in touch if you have more than 12 songs in your album project fora great deal.

Mixing & Mastering per song $90.00

Mixing & Mastering Album $490.00